“passages” series

Artist Statement

I pinch myself every day because I live in a neighbourhood where the ocean is a close and accessible companion. High-rises containing thousands of occupants buttress the shorelines, seeking the serene view of a vast open ocean, and proximity to “fresh” ocean air. To many of us, the ocean is alive and deserving of our respect and care.
Many wax poetic about the ships on the water, especially in the evening when the lights and stars mingle reflections on the water.  However, all is not romantic in this scene. Air pollution emissions from ships are continuously growing even as land based emissions are gradually coming down. If things are left as they are, by 2020 shipping will be the biggest single emitter of air pollution. Over 90% of all trade between countries is carried by ships. My research shows that measures to cut air pollution from ships is easily implementable. However, the public needs to be aware and motivated to make this happen.
My hope is that this series will contribute to that very crucial cause.