I approach my work with honesty and passion because being true to myself and others is more important to me than anything else, particularly after having practiced as a trial lawyer for many years.  For this reason I want my paintings to resonate with the viewer and therefore my work is conceptual;  it deals with issues that are important to me.   Instead of standing in a courtroom and fighting for a client I am now advocating for the environment, both in my earthscapes and passages series.

My work is experiential and many that observe me would even consider me chaotic. I started out painting images that i thought were beautiful but I evolved to a place where i now have no reference material nor any end goal in mind when i begin and instead use my intuition to guide the process. This often can result in frustration and despair but this has taught me so much about dealing with my own emotions and the need to let go of control.    This spontaneity creates freedom and freshness that I cherish. Each painting thus becomes a journey of exploration which is entirely unpredictable rather than a schooled notion of process. I cannot seem to make art any other way. I have discovered what it truly means to let my imagination run wild.

What I particularly love about mixed media is the richness in textures, both visually and emotionally that mixed media evokes.  This is immediately evident in all of my work and usually the first thing that the viewer notices. I use a multitude of materials on my paintings;  the standing joke in my household is whether my family can throw anything away because I am known to go fish it out of the recycling to adhere it to a painting. I create dense layers which i then deconstruct and rebuild multiple times until the surface is multifaceted and has a story to tell that i never could have imagined prior to starting.

I am keen on supporting other artists and am a member of CARFAC,  an associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a member of the Thrive Mastermind Group in Vancouver.

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